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Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies

Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies [PDF]

It seems like every week Wall Street comes up with some new, exotic investment idea that puts your money at risk. Thankfully, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are less volatile than individual stocks, cheaper than most mutual funds, and subject to minimal taxation. But how do you use this wonderful product to diversify your investments in today�s fast-growing and ever-changing market?

Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies shows you in plain English how to weigh your options and pick the exchange-traded fund that�s right for you. It tells you everything you need to know about building a lean, mean portfolio and optimizing your profits. This hands-on guide will give you the power to use ETFs to:

Create the stock (equity) side of your portfolio Handle risk control, diversification, and modern portfolio theory Manage small, large, sector, and international investments Add bonds, REITs, and other ETFs Invest smartly in precious metals Work non-ETFs into your investment mix Revamp your portfolio to fit life changes Fund your retirement years

In addition, this book covers commonly asked questions about ETFs and mistakes that many investors, even the experienced ones, make. It provides forecasts of the future for ETFs and personal spending and also provides a complete list of ETFs and Web resources to assist your investment. With Exchange-Traded Funds For Dummies, you�ll soon discover what makes ETFs the hottest investment on the market!

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