Stirred Up (Stirred Up, #1-2) ePub, PDF Available

Stirred Up (Stirred Up, #1-2)

Stirred Up (Stirred Up, #1-2) [PDF]

Review—Stirred Up by SE Hall & Angela Graham

“Until I figure out my whacked-out emotions and reactions, which I suddenly seem to have no control over, I’ve gotta get out of here.It seems a beast has been awoken in me and until I find a way to feed it, it’ll have to be kept caged, away from the public.”

Addison hasn’t been “touched” in over a year.Probably her longest dry spell ever, but with responsibilities and lack of a social life…well, you get the point.Not to mention, two very over-protective guys in her life.

Brady and Dylan on the other hand…well, at least Brady anyway, have no problem in that department.Dylan is too engrossed in his gaming to acknowledge much else.This comes in handy when a business venture presents itself and he can finally become something other than a couch potato.He only needs someone to believe in him.And who better than his sister, and his very best friend.

Usually it’s just playful banter and sarcastic exchanges between the three of them, Brady and Addison (lovingly known as Moe) are just as close to each other as they are to Dylan…only Brady has realized he wants more.Addison isn’t quite sure it would be wise; what if it doesn’t work?Then she has not only lost a relationship, but her best friend.

So, ever the best friend, Brady arranges for Addison to see a doctor…I know, it’s strange but being that he is also a doctor, he openly shows his concern for her health.And not just any doctor either…he makes her appointment with the town Gynecologist.You know, just to make sure everything is okay.

And okay it is…

Dr. Reynolds is hot.

And single.

And wants Addison so much he risks everything when he crosses the line in his office…

Now, she’s torn.Does she want to keep up the fantasy of being a tryst in the doctor’s office with Dr. Reynolds…knowing he wants more?Or does she give in to the man who has been beside her all this time?The one who finally has the guts to approach her as more than a friend?

Problem is, it’s a small town and word gets around…and now she has to choose.

“What? You think you can go in that office whenever you have an itch and no one will be affected? No one will gossip?This is a small town, Moe.” “I’m not talking about it.” I can’t.It was just fun. Dr. Reynolds allowed me to live a fantasy, one that I refuse to regret. “Fine, then answer me one question, and I’ll walk away.You won’t have to worry about dealing with me again.”The thought of him leaving damn near breaks me, but I hold firm.He stands in front of me, wary vulnerability in his eyes.“Tell me the truth.Tell me why, despite our attraction for each other, you won’t let us be happy…Tell me why you’re pushing me away.”

AHHHH!!!This book.This. Book.I had to re-read the ending…twice.It was amazing!I laughed, I swooned, I cursed, I damn near exploded…it was hot and sweet and funny…everything.This is one of those books where two minds came together to plot some evil ish to keep you guessing…BRAVO!I loved every second of it!

**5 Take Two & Call Me In The Morning Stars**
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