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Each year I share with my clients and friends a book that I believe will provoke their thinking in some way.

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year I found myself in a Starbucks Café with a steaming Americano on my table and seated next to a display of dark chocolate and merchandise.I had a 30-minute wait till my appointment arrived, so I began to page through the book titled, “5.”It’s a tool for planning your life five years out, filled with thought-provoking activities.Yet even when I ignored the exercises, I decided, it’s a good, fun read!

I found the layout stimulating, the questions quite provocative, and the value high.So high, in fact, that I talked a Starbucks manager into ordering me a full case of these (50) for exclusive distribution to my client base.

They loved the book!I received dozens of notes from clients who dug into the exercises and were having a wonderful time discovering their future.A few confessed they had no energy to plan the future, but when they started reading the book they felt so inspired by the layout and the powerful questions that they found themselves engaged despite them selves.

I also had a lot of requests re: Where can I get a copy?Until very recently (end of month Jan 09) the book was not available except thru Starbucks, and they were sold out.I'm thrilled it's now available thru AZN.

My wife and I used two copies of this book to do our annual Planning Retreat, where we set aside an entire day to review the past year and then look ahead to the next.This book, 5, challenged us to look even further ahead.

It's not a breakthrough book, and it's filled with a lot of quotes and readings that self-improvement junkies will have already seen before.But the presentation is so much fun; and the arrangement of activities keeps one moving thru the planning/vision process.

Bottom line, it's a pretty joyful planning tool.I highly recommend this for those who get stuck in planning their life, and especially those who appreciate visual presentation.

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