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BBW Passions Box Set

BBW Passions Box Set [PDF]

Three passionate BBWs find their happily ever afters in this action packed box set.

A Primal Lust A Fierce Love

Jessica has always wanted to be a dancer but her body has other ideas. She is curvy and voluptuous and just not cut out to be anything special. Or so she thinks.

Locking up the dance studio after training late Jessica is attacked. What comes to her rescue is nothing she could ever have imagined. Nicholas is tall, sexy and handsome, the perfect Alpha Male. Jessica cannot believe that a man like Nicholas would ever be interested in someone like her. But he is. Nicholas has a beast within him that calls to Jessica. A beast that wants to claim her body, heart, and soul for itself. Her perfect mate, or so it appears.

But Nicholas is not the only one who wishes to own Jessica. A rival pride and their ruthless Rex has his sights firmly set on her too.

Jessica can't help herself and against her better judgement falls for Nick's sexy charms. But that puts her in even greater danger. When the rival Rex discovers that she is Nick's mate he no longer wants her for himself... Now it has become a deadly game of cat and mouse.

But dominant were-lions are not Jessica's only problem. Something else wants the blood that runs in her veins.

Will Jessica learn to trust Nick and accept his true feelings for her? Or will her insecurities get in the way and cost her not just the love of her life but everything she holds dear? In a fight for her heart and her life, can Jessica emerge unscathed physically and emotionally? Or will it prove to be too fierce a love?

Passionate Curves

Erica Merrill is an insecure, overweight college student. Still a virgin she longs to meet the man of her dreams. Enter the dreamy Jared Sinclair. Mysterious and muscular, Jared is everything Erica ever dared hope for in a man. However she is convinced that he could not possibly be interested in her plump body.

When Erica is persuaded to pose for Rick's art exhibition photo shoot she doesn't realise what she has gotten into until it is too late. Rick likes to believe that he always gets what he wants. And he has his sights set on Erica. The only problem, Rick is not prepared to take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes to have her.

Erica's only hope is the handsome Jared. Falling for him leaves her vulnerable and Erica soon realises that it's not just her life at stake anymore, but her heart too.

Can Erica overcome her insecurities and allow Jared to show her just how beautiful she really is? Or will the machinations of a madman do more than just force them apart?

Smouldering Desire

A bad break up and non-existent self-esteem sends Vickie Michaels running for the hills. Leaving the city she flees to the small town of Forever Falls, where she used to visit as a child. When there she discovers things are not as simple as they used to be. Especially where the local fireman Matt Jackson is concerned. Desirable, smart, and very hot, Matt is everything Vickie is convinced that she doesn't deserve.

However, she isn't the only one with baggage and Vickie soon learns that Matt has entanglements of his own. Dark secrets, and a burden of guilt that has sent him into hiding. But a daring rescue brings them closer.

There are forces at work determined to tear them apart.
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