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Tales of Irish Myths

Tales of Irish Myths [PDF]

It is a mysterious world that this selection of stories from the treasure house of Irish myths and legends describes. Here the line between the fantastical and the real is blurred: mortals and immortals live strange entwined lives; nature and high magic exist side by side. It is Ireland under its old name, Erin, a country of ancient gods with fading powers, who dwell invisible in fairy mound palaces, waiting for a chance to meddle in the affairs of men.
In The Children of Lir, Erin is a land of harsh enchantment and tragedy – even for a sea god, whose innocent children are so cruelly cursed by their foster mother. In the epic tales of Cú Chulainn, it is a proud realm of valiant heroes and near-impossible quests for love. In the stories of Finn Mac Cool Erin is a kingdom of glory where Finn leads his band of warriors, the Fianna, through their perilous adventures in defence of Erin’s shores, to a place in Irish legend forever.
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