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Loretta is a guardian – one who protects and learns about the secrets of the supernatural world. But while she has always guarded it, she has always wanted to become a part of it. All Loretta has wanted was to be a vampire and live in the world she must protect but never join.
Finally taking the leap, Loretta begins to search for a vampire who would serve as her Maker. She finds herself an ancient vampire who goes by the name of Atlas who promises to become her Maker in exchange for her blood.
Loretta finds herself battling what she has always wanted and the fear of finally getting her desire to become a reality. She also can’t deny her connection with this mysterious vampire. She has never felt a connection like this before.
Will Loretta become one of the children of the night and give herself over to Atlas? Or will she back away and end up remaining as a guardian to the supernatural world?
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