The Erotic Authors Collection (The Erotic Authors Collection, #1) ePub, PDF Available

The Erotic Authors Collection (The Erotic Authors Collection, #1)

The Erotic Authors Collection (The Erotic Authors Collection, #1) [PDF]

***Authors Note*** I was given permission by the other six authors in this book to showcase their great stories. The titles to these incredible erotic tales are as follows:
Lusting after an Older Woman by Carl East

When Matt spies June, doing her exercises, he can't get the image of what he's seen out of his mind. He escapes up into his room to relieve himself, only to be horrified upon opening his eyes to discover June standing over him and watching his every move.

Seducing my Best Friend’s Brother by Jenevieve DeBeers

Nicole is a hot young woman, just out of High School, visiting her best friend’s house. She finds her friend having sex in her parents’ bed, so starts to leave. Hearing something odd from Ashley’s brother’s room, she checks it out. She is sucked into a wild romp, the likes of which she’d never dreamed possible.

The Lady in White by Polly J Adams

When Lily and Denny decided to spend their wedding night at Clovely Hall they didn't bargain on an encounter with the ghost of a murdered Victorian bride. A passionate gothic tale of love and sex, and putting old tragedies to rest, from the Amazon-bestselling author of Bad Girls, Letting Go and The Touch.

For Her Pleasure by Saffron Sands

Colleen is fresh out of a stale marriage and wants to get down and dirty with her boss, Cole. When she makes her move, arriving unannounced at his apartment, the horny divorcee gets more than she bargained for-four times more than she bargained for!

Willing and Waiting by Jade K. Scott

With only a few months to live, Jane places an ad online looking for someone to make her their sexual slave. She's tied up and waiting and ready for any stranger to come along and use her for their wildest sexual pleasures!

Spanking Ashley by Jade K. Scott

Ashley's professor has a dark fetish, and he's willing to give her a passing grade in order to save her college scholarship if she will succumb to his desire to teach her a very harsh lesson with a good old fashioned spanking!

Erotic Pen Pal Care Package by Cheri Verset

It's Lena's birthday and she's about to get the BEST PRESENT EVER!
When she thinks she's heading into a disastrous nonevent, her pen pal sends her a mysterious box to brighten her day... as well as her sex life.
And then there are two strangers who show up to tie her up and invite her into a world of unexpected pleasure!
Join the gorgeous Lena as she is forced to film herself and put on a show for the man she secretly loves but who has never met. Erotic Pen Pal Care Package is a story of sex, decadence, shattered inhibitions, and unbridled romance.

Mind Reader by Carl East

Imagine…meeting someone, and knowing instantly their most erotic thoughts. That’s what happens when Kirsty survives an auto accident. A new experimental drug stops the brain swelling, but has unusual side effects. The first, being the ability to read someone’s…anyone’s mind. However, it doesn’t stop there, as each new ability surfaces it leads her to the most erotic adventures of her life.

Auctioned Off by Angel Wild

Alice has been struggling to pay her way through college so when she spots an ad in the local newspaper requesting "18-21 year old virgins for a unique and exciting job opportunity" even though it sets off alarm bells she decides to explore the offer anyway, only to wind up spread eagle on a doctor's examining table as he probes to verify her hymen is intact.
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