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Death and Kisses

Death and Kisses [PDF]

~Great Expectations Finalist 2012~

My only thought was for Aden. I ran to him, kicking up water and called out his name. He turned and my heart skidded, crumbled and dropped to my feet. Not Aden, but Brad. Then where was . . .?

I looked down to where Brad’s gaze had been focused, down, down, in the murky water towards the center of the pond. No. Noooo! I shouldn’t be able to see him through the stirred-up sediment, but I did. Pascual was drowning Aden just as he had drowned Brad.

One night changed Kasey’s life forever. The star football player drowned and everyone at school blames her. And oh, yeah, since that night, she can see ghosts. Not that she’s afraid of them. Much. She’s more concerned with staying under the radar as the school’s once-popular, now outcast loner freak. Until the boy she supposedly killed shows up wanting revenge. Regardless of Kasey’s outcast status, the hot new guy in school, Aden, wants to help her figure out how to get the angry ghost to leave her alone. So what if he also wants to contact his dead brother?

And why are all the ghosts suddenly following Aden around?
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