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Beautiful Titan

Beautiful Titan [PDF]

851AD – Six hundred years after the Roman Industrial Revolution...

The world of Beautiful Titan is familiar yet strange: an alternative history where Roman planes fly and outlawed ancient Egyptian religions secretly thrive. This is a story about love and doubt, trust and betrayal, of allegiances and friendships, and ultimately an impossible choice … the kind of choice that no one should ever have to make.

When Anuk, 19, daughter of a circus owner, meets the mysterious Felix, a gem smuggler on the run, it is the start of a strange romance controlled by forces far more powerful than themselves. Along with Anuk’s brother Quin, the trio are rounded up and taken prisoner by the secret police, and they start a dangerous journey into the dark heart of an industrialised Roman Empire.

Falsely enslaved for crimes against the King of Rome, the three find themselves assigned to the depleted 190th Legion. This besieged unit is embroiled in a war of independence which rages in the breakaway western province of Octo (North America) during a bitter and icy winter. With this perilous backdrop, Anuk and Felix’s complex friendship is forged, not through trust, but the need to survive.

But it isn’t in Octo that Anuk will find the answers to who and what Felix is, or discover the truth about her and Quin’s own curious life with the circus. Anuk can only discover these answers in Rome itself: here – and in mortal danger – she comes face to face with the grim tyrant King Belisarius himself.

Sometimes in war, love is the greatest enemy.

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