At the Seat of Power (Ingenairii, #2) ePub, PDF Available

At the Seat of Power (Ingenairii, #2)

At the Seat of Power (Ingenairii, #2) [PDF]

It amounts to exile. Alec has left Goldenfields after false rumors destroy the life he has found there. Now he will reside in Oyster Bay, home of the king’s court and Ingenairii Hill, where Alec will be trained to master the ingenairii energies he has the potential to exercise. His clean start in Oyster Bay will be challenged by politics and jealousies and jockeying for power as the old order of the Dominion starts to crumble under an elderly king without an heir. Even when he tries to keep to himself, Alec will stumble into trouble among his fellow engenairii, and the nobility at the palace. The possibility of becoming a rare ingenairii who can master both healing and warrior powers beckons Alec, and his potential is great, if he stays focused on the lessons taught in the house of master warrior Rubicon. But Alec will reunite with an old acquaintance, and all hope for a peaceful stay in Oyster Bay will end in deadly results, and Alec's subsequent, impetuous reaction. Only his solace through miraculous healing can carry Alec until the call comes to return to Goldenfields, but will he be able to find peace serving in the court he was banished from, where memories of his past still haunt his relationships among the Guard? Promises of power, honor and romance tempt Alec as he learns that he has greater potential than he ever realized, if he can follow Aristotle’s advice.
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