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An Unlucky Reunion

An Unlucky Reunion [PDF]

Starts off strongly, being about a woman who hated high school going back for her reunion. Early on she sees the guy she secretly liked and the bitchy popular girl she couldn't stand. Very relatable story with the potential to be funny. I think I would have liked it more if it stayed on that path. Who couldn't relate to that and cringe along while seeing how everyone turned out?
However, it soon turns into a thriller, as a dead body turns up, followed by a second, and it looks like our heroine may be targeted too. It is actually book one of a series which was offered for free as a taster to buying the rest. There is so much of this available on ibooks at the moment. It's too much. I wish authors would concentrate on stand alone quality novels, not try and churn them out. I know personally, I would prefer to pay for a stand alone novel of an author I maybe read for free previously and enjoyed than drag the same story through 4 + more novels. I am not even downloading anything that is a book one anymore, though I have a lot already downloaded to get through, and this was one of them.
Writing style is good, and for a free download, no complaints. I'm sure there is an audience for this book. Maybe those who enjoy the Stephanie Plum books.
Personally I think I am getting a bit jaded, and maybe that's starting to reflect in my reviews. Pushing 40 and being a life long heavy reader, it had to happen, so take me with a pinch of salt. For a freebie, this is well written.
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