Cold Tea on a Hot Day (Valentine, #3) ePub, PDF Available

Cold Tea on a Hot Day (Valentine, #3)

Cold Tea on a Hot Day (Valentine, #3) [PDF]

This book is terrible. I read it for a 2015 reading challenge as my "Book with Antonyms in the Title," and I'm sorry it was my first book of the year.
Perhaps it is because I am not from the South, that I didn't understand a lick of any of the character's motives, but I can't imagine that people are so simple there. Not this simple. One example: The protagonist breaks off a 5-year relationship with a man, not because he cheated on her (which she admits she "understands!" WHAT?) but because the linens in his bathroom don't match the decor. Again, WHAAT??!

The only reason I gave it two stars is because an author put time and effort into writing it, and I respect the work that goes into a book. This book, however, missed the mark by a million. Perhaps I'm just a "hot tea on a cold day" type of person.
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