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There's a Snake in My Apple

There's a Snake in My Apple [PDF]

A collection of four unbelievably weird short plays, the result of the author's long association with metaphysics. Satire at its best.

1. There's a Snake in My Apple: a one-act metaphysical comedy set in the Garden of Eden, in which a very dysfunctional family succumbs to the temptation of sampling the forbidden fruit. Not only do we learn the secret of the apples, but also a possible reason Cain killed his brother Abel. (And Eve's clothes are itch weeds.)

2. Please Don't Cry, Melvin!: a metaphysical one-act comedy with a cast of subconscious minds—-and they're all crazy. The story begs the question: What would happen if a subconscious mind had a nervous breakdown?

3. Oily's Conversion: a one-act comedy about a know-it-all drunken man's disastrous experience with astral projection. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn't be so funny at that. And do you think you know who God is? Really? Ha! So did Oily McIntyre!

4. The Phantom Bride: for "theater-in-the-round." A two-act comedy, in which a 19th century scullery maid's ghost thinks she has found her long-lost lover in the 21st century. The author became interested in this form of entertainment after seeing the play "Little Mary Sunshine," in which the audience and actors were almost in each others' faces. When Turner wrote "The Phantom Bride," she wanted people close enough to reach out and almost touch the actors, and to feel the cold air generated by the appearance of the spooks. She wanted the audience to see close-hand the wilted bouquets at this unusual and funny wedding....

Four humorous scripts for the price of one. Great entertainment!

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