LETHAL DISCORD Companion Guide ePub, PDF Available

LETHAL DISCORD Companion Guide

LETHAL DISCORD Companion Guide [PDF]

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIG DEEPER INTO THE NOVEL, LETHAL DISCORD? This COMPANION GUIDE contains a number of questions that you can follow chapter by chapter. It will stretch you, make you think deeper than you may ever have on this topic. And it will force you to move beyond the novel to what you are going to do today to bring about unity in the Church.

It also includes how the author, Paul Joseph Young became a Catholic after being an Evangelical pastor for 35 years. Paul pastored some of the largest churches in America and helped to develop a bible study program in over 60 countries of the world.

Then, you will read how the novel, Lethal Discord got its start back in the late '90's.

Another important segment has to do with the cry of Protestants, "Sola Scriptura." You will see how this dogma that dominates the Protestant church is not workable, the doctrine that the bible alone is the basis for their authority.

Last, you will be given a list of books that will help you dig deeper, help you answer your questions and become more in tune as to why the Catholic Church is the basis for authority.

This companion guide will enrich your spiritual life and help you to grow in your faith.

It is designed for personal or group study for both Protestants and Catholics.

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