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Durga Puja Beginners

Durga Puja Beginners [PDF]

I bow to the Goddess Durga, the Grantor of Increase, who Removes all Difficulties, and allows us to perceive the Infinity of Her Energy. She is the Divine Mother, and that is Her Power. All Shakti resides within Her.

Whoever will repeat this mantra in times of stress, at any time of difficult adversities, will immediately be freed from all concerns.

The mantra is the essence of your being. It is the eternal you. You, your divinity, your Guru and God are all one in the mantra. As you repeat the mantra, remember your true self. Repeat the mantra frequently, and dive deep into meditation.

The nature of the mind is attachment. As you repeat the mantra, allow the egotism of thought, all of those attachments of egotism and possession, of “I” and “mine”, to dissolve into the bliss of divine union.

She is our Divine Mother. Her essence is Sat-Chit-Ananda, Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Just as the space within you is the same as the space outside of you, allow Her Infinite Grace to fill your world completely.

Open up to that Grace and allow Her to dwell in your hearts. Recite Her mantra and flow into meditation. Live with that divinity both in the day and in the night, and remember that I love you.— Shree Maa

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