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The Free Market Reader

The Free Market Reader [PDF]

Stephan Kinsella says that he has "highly recommended this book for years as one of the best introductions to libertarian/free market thought." Enrico Peppe says it is "straightforward, logical, and fun."

Thank goodness it is available again! What you will find here are more than one hundred short essays on every topic related to free-market economics, all from the years of the monthly publication of the Free Market, when Murray Rothbard was writing a regular column. His work appears here, but so do the writings of many other top thinkers such as Mises, Block, Rockwell, Ron Paul, William Peterson, Lawrence Reed, Richard Ebeling, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and many more.

The topics include privatization, socialism around the world, economic history, debt and deficits, fiat money and exchange rates, trade and protectionism, Keynesianism, and supply-side economics. It makes for great reading, one essay at a time. It is the sort of book you can dip into and out of very quickly, and gain a great deal of insight as you do.

This book was a top seller when it first went to print. It is back now, available in ebook, with all its original fire and prescience.

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