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Treasure Island is a fantastic book now don't get me wrong but this shorter knock off did not suit the bill. Treasure Island is an classic adventure novel which tells a fantastic mysterious story but in my opinion this recreated version just does not quite achieve what the original achieved. First off the story in this novel is very slow going meaning that it takes time for the story to actually get some where most of the time you're reading information that is not relevant to the story but you activity need this important information to stay engaged in the story. Second of all this re written version is not very detailed when the author is trying to explain what is going on at that time, you don't get much of a background its just like here is the character out of no where telling us this good luck getting to know him better its hard to understand. 3 The book itself is too short the first couple chapters aren't really that important but the last few chapters it seems as if the author wanted to finish rewriting the book as quickly as possible so he decided lets just cram all the major events into the last few chapters and not spread them out with in the book and thats what makes me disipointed the author almost completely ruined the story by doing this. Over all the book is all right but defiantly for me not what I am looking for. If you want to understand a little bit about Treasure Island sure go ahead and read this, but if you want to get the full details and understand the book completely and have the time to read I defiantly recommend going with the classic. The book is ok but needs a lot of editing to make it the best it possibly could.
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