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In the eighties Peter David took over The Incredible Hulk, a mainstay character that nobody actually wanted to work on, and turned the title into one of the top comics at the company.In the nineties he did the same thing to Aquaman.Stage one was The Atlantis Chronicles, a fresh origin for DC's Atlantis.This was stage two, a fresh origin of Aquaman.

Aquaman adds his own story to the Chronicles, narrating his life.Put out to die, the infant Orin was raised by dolphins.David is an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, and Aguaman's childhood is similar at times to Tarzan's.His first encounters with humans aren't always good.His first romance ends badly.And, upon reflection, Aquaman comes to a revelation about his old foe Ocean Master.

The stories are good on their own, but the whole book doesn't have a beginning, middle and end.And it's a lot better if you read the Atlantis Chronicles first and then the Aquaman monthly series after.Unfortunately DC has never connected David's Aquaman series.
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