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Keep It On The Down Low

Keep It On The Down Low [PDF]

Richard, a married man, has lusted after his guy friend for some time. But after a few beers, and implementing his super secret seduction plan, he failed tremendously at resisting his friend's charms. Both become desperate for each other, and also desperate for a wife-free place for sex. Will they be able to keep their clandestine romance on the down low?

Contains explicit gay sex. 18+


We got down and dirty right there on the kitchen floor, because... why not. Time was ticking, so we stripped down fast and lubed up even faster.

“God, I can't wait to be inside you,” I said.

“Fucking hurry up!” David called out over his shoulder. He was on all fours – my favorite – and I swiftly positioned myself behind him, my cock gliding effortlessly into his entrance. We moaned in unison.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” said David. I rammed my dick into him hard, loving the way his sphincter tightened around my shaft. I grabbed onto David with one hand while reaching around with the other to jack him off. His cock was hard and leaking precum.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck, fuck me,” David rambled on. He grew to be a very loud sex partner.

A car door slammed. I stopped dead in my tracks. “What-” David looked back to ask me. I panicked and removed myself from David. I ran to the kitchen window and saw Ashley's car parked outside, and then I saw Ashley walking up to the door.

“Fuck she's here RUN!” was all I could say before I bolted to the bedroom. David ran behind me to the bathroom and shut the door.

I rummaged through the closet and put on whatever the fuck I could find. “Fuck fuck shit fuck,” I said out loud, sounding more like David from seconds ago when I was inside him.
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