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Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry Founded by J.-M. Lehn Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry reflects research which develops supramolecular structures with specific new properties, such as recognition, transport and simulation of biosystems or new materials. The series covers all areas from theoretical and modelling aspects through organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry to materials, solid-state and polymer sciences reflecting the many and varied applications of supramolecular structures in modern chemistry. Giant Vesicles Edited by Pier Luigi Luisi and Peter Walde Institute f?r Polymere, ETH-Z?rich, Switzerland Giant vesicles or giant liposomes are supramolecular assembles of amphiphiles, surface active substances which normally contain one or two hydrophobic chains and one hydrophilic head. Due to their relatively large size, giant vesicles are easily observed by light microscopy. This volume provides an overview of ideas and results obtained from experimental studies as well as theoretical approaches. A wide variety of aspects ranging from pure mathematics and physical considerations to biochemical and biological applications are covered. Historical and fundamental aspects are discussed as well as a range of experimental approaches including the micromanipulation and micro-puncturing of single giant vesicles. 87 international contributors comment on a wide range of issues contained under the five main part headings: Introduction Preparation Methods Basic Theoretical Aspects Physical Properties Chemical and Biological Aspects. Giant Vesicles has been written for researchers in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics, working in supra-molecular chemistry, surfactant science, liposome and pharmaceutical sciences.
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