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Creative Fun Roman Activity Book

Creative Fun Roman Activity Book [PDF]

Creative Fun - Roman Activity book
The ‘Crafty Histories’ Roman Activity book by Sue and Steve Weatherill is a wonderful addition to any study of the Romans.
There are no less than 12 different things that can be made to support learning around the subject. All of the activities are set in context with historical information or fun ‘facts’ peppered around: ‘How the Romans would have made this book. 2000 clever slaves with pens. One very clever man reading out the text.’
However, you may not want to carry out ALL of the activities described, such as how to make stuffed dormouse, but don’t worry as there are also instructions for ‘panis dulcis’ (sweet bread) too.
The book is written for children in the way it is presented, but the activities are all suitable for classes or groups of children. Constructing every item, such as a Roman shield, a mosaic or a Roman border is carefully and comprehensively described indicating exactly where the different types of materials might be sourced at low costs.
Some of the activities could be carried out in year 3 with little trouble, but the activities - some of them quite tricky are suitable up to the end of key stage 2. The more tricky ones could also support work in Design and Technology or Art.

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