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Kind of interesting report of interviews of guys who fought Mike Tyson.No real investigation of any of the criminal allegations against Tyson — just giving guys' impressions and recollections of their bouts against him.I was surprised how many of them expressed sympathy or even liking — sure, he tried to bite my nipple off during our fight, and there was all that talk about promising to crush my nose into my brain, but he was basically a helluva guy........

Few admitted being afraid of Tyson, which I read with skepticism.Back in the day I gather he stood out in a scary aggressive sport for being scarily aggressive.

Made me appreciate being a distance runner — you can grow old in this sport healthy, continuing to participate, and with your brains intact.Lot of sad stories about what becomes of boxers after their usually brief careers.

In terms of the writing itself — ok, not great, keeps it moving.A few too many "so I tried to talk this guy, but he didn't want to talk about it, so I had taken the train all that way for nothing" interludes, but otherwise fine.
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