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Kindle Edition, 481 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2011)
edition language English
series The Vampire Legacy #3 & 4
other editions (3)
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Let the bloody games begin. . .

As a vampire, Deirdre Griffin has roamed the world satisfying the exquisite, ecstatic craving for blood that is her life force. And at last, her lover has joined her, hungry for his transformation, prepared to feed with her for eternity. Yet, for the first time, Deirdre feels fear. . .

From the farthest corners of the globe to the underworld of Manhattan, enemies are closing in. For a rogue vampire is on the loose. And he isn't just killing humans. Now, the hunters are the prey.

But someone else is coming for Deirdre—someone she cannot possibly defend herself against. Blood of her blood, flesh of her flesh—and craving the tangy, acrid, deadly smell of vengeance. . .

My Thoughts

Blood Ties sets the stage with newlyweds Mitch Greer and Deirdre Griffin’s deepening love for each other, past mistakes that threaten the life they are building together and a killer who has Deirdre in his sights and will stop at nothing to see her truly dead unless he can be caught and disposed of first.

Told entirely from Deirdre’s POV this is a chilling look at the world of vampires and their ironclad rules that leave no room for error.

In Blood of My Blood we are thrown off tangent when introduced to Lily, she is the main POV narrator which is a switch that was unexpected. Her story becomes blended with that of Deirdre in an unexpected way that plays out to a somewhat shaky ending that does not quite seem complete but rather untidy to me.

Intriguing, the first half is more to my taste than the second half but it worked out blending the two together in one book.
[Kindle version borrowed from Public Library]
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