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Murder in Two Acts

Murder in Two Acts [PDF]

I hate to be the first one to review this book and give it only 3 stars, especially since I really like a series that Christy Barritt writes, but here are my complaints:

The reader is bombarded with about 8 characters in the first pages of the story, members of the Purls of Hope knitting club of Apple Grove, Oregon. Luckily the characters only appear sparsely one at a time after that. The heroine of the series is Shannon McClain. She is very one-sided and the reader doesn't get to know her well. This mystery is somewhere in a list of other books that she stars in but there are no lists to be found. Background is hinted at but not explained. The reader is three-fourths thru the book before discovering that Shannon has twins in college and nearly at the end before discovering that her husband died back in Scotland.

This book is part of a Book Club selection called Creative Woman Mysteries and only by going to their website was a I able to find out some background details. Apparently to buy them one must sign up for the book club and a book comes by mail monthly; not a way that I like to buy books, especially since it doesn't seem that one can actively choose the book. Only the first book in this series is listed there so maybe this is the second book, although the Police Chief hints that she has gotten in his way and solved many mysteries before.

With all that being said, if all of the above could be fixed, I liked the plot, and the way that Shannon sought out clues to the murder. It happens on a docked cruise ship- murder of the owner of a mystery theater dinner cruise. Shannon gets involved when a friend of hers becomes a suspect. I fleetingly suspected the perpetrator of the crime but discarded the idea.
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