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Scones, Skulls & Scams

Scones, Skulls & Scams [PDF]

Brook Ridge Falls favorite bakery owner, Lexy Baker, has everything she ever wanted. A new husband she adores. A thriving bakery business. Everything is going great.

... Until a new bakery springs up across the street and tries every trick in the book to put her out of business!

Lexy smells something rotten about the bakery and it isn’t just their stale brownies. When her own bakery is broken into she knows who did it ... but what she can’t figure out is why.

Could the new baker be after her great-grandmothers prize winning scone recipe, or is there another more sinister reason?

Meanwhile ...

A grizzly discovery in the sewer system sends her and her gang of iPad toting grandmas off to solve a decades old crime under the streets of brook ridge falls.

Could a seventy year old crime be related to the new bakery?

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