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From the chaotic, forceful mind of RJ Smith erupts this stunning summer masterpiece of destruction, conspiracy and intrigue.

It's not a question of if Cumbre Vieja collapses... but simply a question of when. As the Canary Island volcano experiences a major earthquake, many suppose it's just a local disaster.

Enter Dr. Samuel May, a crackerjack world renowned volcanologist who's predicted the quake would result in the collapse of the western ridge causing a catastrophic tsunami. Shuffled to the United Nations, he must convince world delegates to evacuate London, the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean.

Nobody believes it.

That is until the ridge shows signs of collapse.

But this isn't half of the story.

After the Roman Catholic Church names its new pope, Callixtus the Fourth, the 45-year old pontiff stumbles onto ancient secrets which lead him to the island of Tenerife. He soon realizes Earth is nothing more than a science project and extraterrestrials have begun to shut down the planet in a series of natural Cataclysms.

Arriving at the Basilica of Candelaria, he finds its too late. The earthquake has begun, and the volcano is slipping towards the sea.

What follows is a race against time to evacuate countries at risk of annihilation. But perhaps, the leader of Earth's 1.2 billion Catholics can save the day, if only he can convince the alien race that humanity is worth saving.

But first, the pope must navigate an assassination plot. The Jesuits want him dead.

Will he make it back to Rome in time to save the world? Or will life as we know it end?

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