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Stanley, Flat Again!

Stanley, Flat Again! [PDF]

Stanley Lambchop finds himself, once again, flat. This time he's frustrated. He's actually tired of being flat. It's not fun anymore. He does get to go sailing with Mr. Jones. But when one of the main sails break, Mr. Jones asks Stanley to step in for the missing sail. Thusly Mr. Jones' boat wins the race.

Meanwhile, due to Stanley's renewed notoriety, his brother Arthur becomes jealous. Why can't he have his picture in the paper once in a while?

Then the Merker building, which is scheduled for destruction, falls down on its own, trapping a young girl inside. Stanley's the only one who can squeeze in to get her. His parents aren't thrilled about the idea, but after some emotional wrangling, he's allowed to help.

When Stanley finds his way to the trapped girl he finds that she is none to grateful for his help and does nothing but criticize and complain. Once they are outside Stanley expects much different behavior from Emma, but is sadly disappointed. However Stanley overlooks this as he's overjoyed to have suddenly regained his shape!

He get's his picture in the paper, again, but this time with his whole family. Arthur takes great delight in cutting out the picture and labeling himself as the "Hero's brother!"

This book is definitely old-fashioned in such a way that contemporary readers will question the ridiculousness of some plot-points. For example, readers may find it impossible that a young girl would have survived a building collapse with no injuries what-so-ever. Also, mention of a cigarette case being used as a container for juice will raise some eyebrows.
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