Aidan's Mate (Moonlight Kin #2) ePub, PDF Available

Aidan's Mate (Moonlight Kin #2)

Aidan's Mate (Moonlight Kin #2) [PDF]

(51,260 word mid-length novel with an additional 2450 word excerpt)

The last man Jenna Dane trusted betrayed her and stole everything she owned. She’s been trying to get her ‘life’ back ever since. Her new job presents Jenna with the opportunity to recover what she’s lost. All she has to do is betray Aidan Fortier and expose his secrets.

Secrets that could get her killed.

Aidan Fortier cannot allow a nosey human to snoop around his estate. He has a Werewolf pack to run, a full moon to contend with, and he must choose a mate. It would be a lot easier to do, if Jenna didn’t smell so good. When trouble follows her to his doorstep, Aidan must decide whether to trust his Lycan instincts or throw Jenna to the wolves.

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