Business Technology - A Guide for Midsize and Small Business ePub, PDF Available

Business Technology - A Guide for Midsize and Small Business

Business Technology - A Guide for Midsize and Small Business [PDF]

It wasn't that long ago when business technology was limited to a fax machine and a photocopier, but the last ten years have revolutionized the way business is done. These changes have created challenges and opportunities for every American business. In Business Technology, Michael W. Johnson explains that though large corporations have huge technology departments dedicated to solving complex problems and building new ways to market and sell their products, that today small business can compete and win, thanks to the newest advances in business technology (hardware, software, and communications). Using technology, midsize and small business can now do everything a big company can, including: Cutting costs on everything from payroll to copier paper. Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Outsourcing support to save time and money. Continuously creating new products and services. Determining which customers are profitable customers and which are not. Significantly improving the quality of operations. Saving on travel costs... and more! Most of all, what a small business needs is good advice. That's where Michael W. Johnson and his new book Business Technology can help. In it, he outlines the opportunities the technological revolution offers and describes the technologies used by technology savvy companies to effectively operate and grow their business. And he does it in a way that anyone can understand. Business Technology is not a book for technical people. It is a book for business people who should know how to use technology to make their business become more efficient and more profitable.

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