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Charming Outlaw Trilogy

Charming Outlaw Trilogy [PDF]

Pull back the throttle on these high octane erotica romance tales, and hang on, it's one hell of a ride with the sexy tattooed bad boy VP of the Devils Dragons MC and his beautiful, renegade Old Lady.. Buying this collection will save you a few bucks compared to buying all 3 sensual tales separately.

18,000 words. Includes hot dirty passionate romance and sex, oral, anal. M/f.

Sara is a woman with a renegade past, she was a teenager when she ran away, leaving behind a brokenhearted boy. Now, a decade later she's back in town and she hardly recognizes the man that Rex Summers has become. Her kind, patient, and gentle lover is the VP for the Devils Dragons Motorcycle Club, the very MC she was trying to get away from.
They decide to rekindle the romance one night and once she gets in bed with him she rediscovers the amazing sensual prowess he possesses. This tatted up bad boy is good in bed. Rex knows just how to rev her engine and his riding skills are second to none but Sara never saw herself as an Old Lady in an outlaw MC.
Can the wounds of old regrets be healed through the power of love? Can Rex be vulnerable and show his tender heart to Sara, or would he be better off putting his trust in his Harley, because he knows it'll never leave him?

Hell hath no fury like an Old Lady scorned. 
Sara never saw herself being an Old Lady for the Devils Dragons MC but after she returned home from a decade of being away she found that her high school sweetheart was now their Vice President. The sexy VP and her caught up in Charming Outlaw, what an amazing ride that was.
Now they are together and Sara finds that she is having trouble fitting in as an Old Lady. She worries about the criminal lifestyle that the love of her life leads. On top of that, Sara learns that she has some competition for her man. 
After the way she handles the other woman Sara realizes maybe she is better suited at being an Old Lady than she would like to admit. Then Sara decides to head home to deal with Rex in her own special way. It's a night that neither of them will ever forget. 

Sara was the only thing that could quell the eternal disquiet of madness in the soul of her Charming Outlaw, Rex, VP of the Devils Dragons Motorcycle Club. She soothed the frayed edges of himself and calmed that relentless restlessness by enveloping his mad soul in the warm embrace of her love.
Even though Sara was an elixir of serenity for his madness, sometimes it still poked through. Rex finds himself increasingly torn between the only two things he loves in this world. His aggressive energy and turbulent emotions turn into an appetite for destruction where he takes a vacation from humanity to become a monster for a little while. That is only a temporary distraction though. Something has to change before he spirals out of control.
Sara and Rex have a complicated past but what about their future? They have both made plenty of mistakes and feel trapped in their bad choices of the past. The renegade couple yearn for an escape to a world with possibilities and potential to be something that they aren't. Especially now.
Can they find a way to start a new chapter in their lives? Will they take charge of their own destinies and hold the pen when the book of their lives is written?

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