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I picked this novel up at the library a few days ago. I had never heard of the author Roy Lewis. But the blurb about the plot sounded interesting. And this novel was. The plot is described well in the blurb so I won't go into that anymore here.

I was amazed to discover that this is the author's sixtieth book. It is the twelfth in his series featuring Eric Ward but he has a number of other series. This mystery features former policeman turned lawyer Eric Ward. Eric is in the process of getting divorced from from a rich lass whom he still loves. His practice usually involves low low lifes and the seamier side of society. But as the novel begins he gets a retainer from a high end shipping firm Goldwaters to ascertain why one of their chartered ships has been arrested for reasons that are not clear.One of the crewmen has been jailed for possession of and alleged tafficking in cocaine. When this chap is murdered on the courthouse premises the plot thickens. The mystery involves piracy in the South China Sea and phantom ships which are seized and reregistered under another name and flag.

Lewis writes well, bringing you into the scene of the action. And the plot unfolds in an interesting and satisfying way. I will be looking for more of his novels. I recommend him if you want to try something a little different from the bare bones prose of the North American crime bestsellers.
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