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Murderess, sorceress, child of Circe the enchantress, Medea is one of the most sinister and fascinating figures of early Greek myth. Early tales speak of a demi-goddess, a cult murderess, while later versions of her life point to a woman of passion violent enough to destory her own brother and children. Basing her novel on a careful study of such myths and literature, Miranda Seymour has produced a remarkable Medea, a dangerous and bitter woman traveling into exhile for the last time and pleading with her guards for a fair judgement of her crimes. The tale that she unfolds is horrifying and gripping, a story of death and witchcraft, war and power intrigues, of a love which leads to murder. We hear the account of Jason, who came to Colchis to take the golden fleece and who carried the priestess Medea away to Greece, and of Aegeus of Athens, her second husband and a more lenient judge. But the voice which remains with us is that of the exiled queen, raging against the gods and men she dared to defy. Her crime, as Aegeus concludes, is to have held herself to be above the law, and to have seen passion as sufficent justification for murder. A powerful and sometimes shocking novel, Medea is not to be easily forgotten.
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