Harley Quinn Annual (2014-) #1 ePub, PDF Available

Harley Quinn Annual (2014-) #1

Harley Quinn Annual (2014-) #1 [PDF]

Oh. My. Goodness. YES. Ugh, so much yes. To the point where I am reduced to a raving fangirl of feels instead of a sensible reviewer. Reading this, I can't help feeling proud of how far Harley's come from being "Joker's girlfriend". I've always seen the potential in her character and have never been satisfied until this run. There's room for improvement, of course, but that doesn't make this issue any less enjoyable. Harley shines like she's always been meant to. Her world is chaotic and wild and fun, but also has a lot of heart. She's very much a work in progress, but she /is/ getting better, and that's the beauty of it. Her relationships have gone from being extremely unhealthy and hurtful to actually healthy and adorable. There's a scene here where she faces the Joker and it's great, even with the silly art style.

Speaking of art styles, there are several different artists for this issue, but it works well with the story. I can't say I like each style, but I do like most of them (*cough Stjepan Sejic cough*), and the main style (by John Timms) is great, suiting Harley perfectly.

Back to my feels: If you ship Harley and Ivy, or just like their interactions, you've got to pick this up. It's /good/ stuff. I can't even... Just get it. SO DANG GOOD.

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