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Life of Chopin [PDF]

I am surprised by the number of people who don't like or get this book.I think the general literary tastes of modern people has degraded so much that much of the prose of this book is unreadable or "too long" as one reviewer wrote.

This isn't a biography of the boring details like how a modern biography is done... it's a product from the height of the romantic artistic movement, where the essence of a man and his art are the focus.Liszt tries to capture in prose the depth of feeling that Chopin's music gives us.I think he succeeds, while also being informative and poetic.He personally knew the man—so ask yourself what would he have chosen to write then about his friend?The facts of what he did and when?Or instead would he try to inform people of the artistic character of the man he admired?I think the later choice is much more insightful.
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