I'll Take A Chance (Running Into Love, #2) ePub, PDF Available

I'll Take A Chance (Running Into Love, #2)

I'll Take A Chance (Running Into Love, #2) [PDF]

Amelia Wellington is a quiet, young, successful business woman. Her past relationships have left her with scars so deep she has sworn off men all together. Until that one fateful day she quite literally runs into Doctor Kyle Peters, that is.

Doctor Kyle Peters is a busy young OB/GYN holding on to a tragic past that has torn his family apart, making it difficult for him to give his heart to any woman. But when a beautiful woman crashes into him on a routine day at work, he finds his world turning upside down.

Will Running Into Love be enough for them to find a happily ever after together? Does Kyle have what it takes to heal Amelia’s broken heart and change her outlook on life? Will Kyle’s past result in tragedy as history repeats itself?

When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes you have to run not walk.

This is a mature audience book and is intended for adults only.
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