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Appropriate Applause

Appropriate Applause [PDF]

"Dear Father,
I am so sorry I am not the son you would like to have in your life. I have always wanted you to love me, just for who I am and nothing more. I just cannot be something I am not.
I know you feel that boys should only like girls and that boys should never feel the way some do for each other. I only know that I did not choose to feel this way, and it has been with me in my head ever since I can remember. If I am wrong, you need to blame nature and God, not me.
I love Vallie so very much and wish that we could have all been a close family. I know you would love him as I do if you could only have given him the chance. He has a beautiful heart and when he smiles he lights up my soul. I hope he can forgive me for leaving him.
Try not to fight with Mom so much for she loves you very much. Good-bye.
Love from your son,

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