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A manifesto on what it takes to be a true professional in the modern world.
By common definition, a professional is anyone who possesses the skills and knowledge necessary for a career-whether as a surgeon, a software engineer, or a plumber. But according to Subroto Bagchi, our increasingly global marketplace demands more. In a world where the foolish, selfish, and unethical decisions of a few have affected the lives of millions, "The Professional" urges readers to act responsibly and reexamine "business as usual."
By exploring a variety of professional dilemmas across many industries, Bagchi defines the qualities of true professionals and the attributes that separate them from the merely competent. These include:
* Suffer no false attractions: It's always tempting to take the path of least resistance, but true professionals can separate the genuine from the phony. * Know when to say no: True professionals are not afraid to say no to things that are not worth their time, their energy, or their creativity. * Take the long view: True professionals understand that every action, decision, and relationship, no matter how small, can have a lasting impact.
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