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The Misfortune of the Emerald Thief

The Misfortune of the Emerald Thief [PDF]

Join Denim the Bubble Ranger and Ravenna the Time Bender on their first bubblicious tale as The Keepers of the Emerald Cave!

Denim River only wants to know one thing...if he has to have a superpower, why couldn’t he have a cool power? Why does it have to be blowing bubbles? Sure, he’ll be able to make bubbles any shape, size, scent or color right out of thin air, but his little sister will be able to phase from place to place and bend time when her powers come in — he’s stuck with bubbles? The parents even sent him to Seattle to hone his freak show skills with his crazy grandpa, Seattle’s very own Bubble Ranger, so now the whole world will know he descended from clowns!

But one day another bubble-maker, the mysterious Ladarius, shows up at one of his grandpa’s magic shows and Denim learns there’s more to life than entertaining squealing tourists. The baton has been passed. He discovers he and his 11-year-old sister, Ravenna, are the next Keepers of the Emerald Cave, defenders of the secret energy source the people of the Pacific Northwest are unaware of, but depend on every day, and Denim’s new powers are tested right away.

In the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle the water levels of the highest alpine lakes are dropping and threatening the Tarn, the beautiful watery creatures who call the lakes their home. Denim and his family, along with members of a secret mountain faction of the Weald, must find out where the water is going and if Ladarius is behind it, before any more lives are lost.
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