Agents of Lerotra'hh (Agents of Lerotra'hh, #1) ePub, PDF Available

Agents of Lerotra'hh (Agents of Lerotra'hh, #1)

Agents of Lerotra'hh (Agents of Lerotra'hh, #1) [PDF]

A transcript of the online game of Monsters! Monsters! run by Ken St. Andre on his old geocities web site.The Monsters! Monsters! setting is an rule supplement for Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game with rules for playing monster characters.

The game began in November of 1997 with the following text: "Arahk Gnahk, the legendary Orcish shaman who taught the tribes how to domesticate wolves and other beasts, who created the written form of Orcish, who brought fire and metalworking to many of the more primitive clans, has come to the Death Goddess in Khazan with unsettling news. Lizard Men from another continent are invading from the northeast, this despite the fact that Lerotra'hh and Khara Khang sealed the continent against their depradations several centuries ago. Moreover, there are rumors of open rebellion in every city south of the Redorc Range. His information is scanty—rumors here and there, one Lizardman carcase from somewhere far to the east. Lerotra'hh has put him in charge of recruiting agents to investigate the various rumors and prepare a defense against invading Lizard Men.

Oddly enough, all efforts to scry for information have failed, though Lerotra'hh has seen leering images of Zweetz in her scrying mirror.

Arahk Gnahk is a very impressive-looking Orc in a costume made of crocodile hide. The crocodile's head and jaws form a helmet from which the fanged visage of Arahk peers. On his chest there are eight talismans, glowing with mystic energy, embedded into his flesh. His taloned fingers bear eight magical rings.

He welcomes you to the Goddess's Elite troops, and tells you to visit the Armory if you wish to get any kind of weapon or armor, including some with standard enchantments placed upon them. Customized enchantments must be earned.

Each member of the Elite is implanted with a mystic jewel set between the eyes that will transimit a vision of whatever that person sees and hears back to Arahk Gnahk's headquarters in Khazan. He has a legion of halforcs standing by to monitor the agents' adventures and notify him of anything worth his attention."

Players from around the globe helped write the story under Ken's direction and game-master guidance.The game ended in August of 1998.
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