Unwilling Accomplice (Munch Mancini, #7) ePub, PDF Available

Unwilling Accomplice (Munch Mancini, #7)

Unwilling Accomplice (Munch Mancini, #7) [PDF]

Unwilling Accomplice, by Barbara Seranella, b-plus, Narrated by Paul Boehmer, Produced by audible inc., downloaded from audible.com.

In this, the seventh in the Munch Mansini series, Munch receives a call from Lisa Slocum, the sister of Sleazy John, Asia’s dead father. Munch thought Lisa and her daughters had been relocated by the feds in the witness protection program and she really didn’t have any wish to see Lisa again. But it seems Lisa left the program and is now back in California with her daughters, and now it seems her daughters want to meet their cousin, Asia. Munch isn’t that thrilled but agrees to meet them in a park. The meeting doesn’t go real well except that the cousins seem excited to meet. Then a few days later Munch gets a call at work that Charlotte, the older of the two girls, is missing and Lisa says she’s been kidnapped. She doesn’t want Munch to go to the police and she seems to know things that she won’t tell Munch, but Munch agrees to try to help anyway for the sake of the little girls. She does however insist on involving at least her cop friend, Detective St. John, and her former boy friend, Rico, a homicide cop. Then a boy’s body is found, someone in Charlotte’s class, and another boy has been killed as well. Munch and the police believe there are connections between those two deaths and Charlotte’s disappearance, and also with some missing jewelry from a wealthy family. This is again one of those thrillers filled with auto-mechanical know-how that Seranella was great at writing. Many surprises and twists and turns, including some possibility that Munch and Rico might get back together. Quite good, but more focus on the romance in this one than I was interested in.
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