Fairies and Elves Iron-on Transfer Patterns ePub, PDF Available

Fairies and Elves Iron-on Transfer Patterns

Fairies and Elves Iron-on Transfer Patterns [PDF]

Marty Noble, a resident of Anna Maria, Florida is an artist, photographer and full time illustrator. Raised in Santa Barbara, California, she drew inspiration for her art from this 'Jewel of the Pacific' city, All four of her grandparents attended art school together in the mid-20's at the Cleveland School of Art and her maternal grandfather, George C Harper, went on to become a well known fine and commercial artist. Her mother, Helen Noble, continued the artist tradition and is known primarily for her monoprints. Both are recognized in American Artists Who's Who.

With the encouragement of her family of artists, Marty began her strokes from an early age. In the 60's when street fairs were becoming all the rage, she discovered batik, the ancient Javanese art of applying wax and dyes to fabric.. Each weekend her creations sold out at the street fairs of San Francisco and her career as a professional artist was underway. Ethnic peoples of the world developed as her favorite subject matter and simple designs grew into elaborate and detailed paintings. Her appetite for other cultures grew as she traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, Europe, Israel and Egypt and more recently to Thailand and Vietnam. The beauty and individuality of each culture inspired her batik paintings, which were then sold through galleries in southern California over a period of 20 years.

Commission work became predictable and in the 70's she changed her medium to watercolor and pursued opportunities with art publishing firms. Greeting card companies were the first to pick up her designs and over time her focus shifted completely towards illustration. "I love the continuing variety of work that comes my way and the pleasure of seeing the work in so many different formats". Her work can be seen as book illustration, posters, gift wrap, plate designs, puzzles and calendars.

Publishers of Marty's work include Dover Publications, The Franklin Mint, Penguin Putnam, Random House, MacMillan,
Golden Turtle Press, Modern Art Editions, Sunrise Publications, Marcel Schurman Fine Papers, HJ Kramer, Somerset House, Crystal Creations, Grosset & Dunlap, American Greetings, Claritas USA, Caravan International, Suns Out, Great American Puzzle Company, and Publications International.

Her work has also been featured in American Artist, Fiber Arts Design Book, Surface Design Journal, Creative Crafts and Something About The Author.

She has taught workshops on batik and silk painting and has been an art teacher for different grade levels.

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