Cobra Strike (Cobra, #2) ePub, PDF Available

Cobra Strike (Cobra, #2)

Cobra Strike (Cobra, #2) [PDF]

Will the COBRAS turn mercenary under Troft command?

If anyone had told Jonny Moreau the Cobras would one day take orders from the alien Troft, he would have laughed without humor.He'd lost too many friends during the Troft war, though the Cobras triumphed in the end.

Now, though, the Troft were trading partners - and they feared what might be a mutual danger.A new race, ruthless and tenacious, that threatened human space as well as Troft.And the offer was territory - five new planets for the overcrowded Cobra Worlds.

Jonny Moreau's son Justin would carry the Moreau name to danger...and learn on Qasama that it takes more than a Cobra father to make a Cobra son.
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