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Secrets at Hidden Valley

Secrets at Hidden Valley [PDF]

Secrets at Hidden Valley
As Steffi steps off the bus, the only thing she knows for sure is that this is the last place she wants to be. But she's stuck here, somewhere in northern Michigan, about to stay with a grandfather she's never met, just so her mother can shoot some bad movie. Until that wraps up, Steffi's got nowhere else to go.
But Hidden Valley, the trailer park her grandfather runs, is more intriguing than Steffi could have imagined. All the residents seem to be hiding some deep, dark secret, even her grandfather. Why else would they choose to live in the woods, so far from any town? And why else would they be so afraid of strangers? Steffi decides to investigate. But what she learns about the residents of Hidden Valley isn't half as surprising as what she discovers about herself along the way.
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