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Don Prophet

Don Prophet [PDF]

A brilliant comic novel about faith, the media, and making it big in modern America.

“I need a gimmick,” Don Bollinger said. It was the American thing to do—imagine your fame. Like most writers, Don can’t get his novel published. Or pay the rent.

In this sorry state, he watches a lot of TV. Televangelists mostly. Barry Gladwell, in particular, the king of Jesus TV. Don hates him but can’t turn away. Gladwell’s very existence is a marketing miracle, a knockout punch to Christians aching for a smarter God.

One day like too many others, Don’s girlfriend comes home and finds him ranting at the set. Fed up, she gives him a month to find a job. Out of their apartment finally, looking for work, he stumbles upon a soapbox preacher denouncing Harry Potter. The confrontation that ensues gives Don what he thinks could be the idea of a lifetime.

Setting out from New York City, Don knows neither how nor where his opportunity may come. But come it will, forever changing the lives in his path: A failed actress and the son she wills to stardom. A displaced family of five. Dozens of kids gathered in a rural church basement. And one grateful girl whose questions would be answered.

When we set out to do the Lord’s work, we never know what’s going to happen. Humble yourself, and in due time He may exalt you. Don Prophet is on the way.

* * * $1 from every copy supports early literacy. * * *

Boys and girls who read at grade level by 3rd grade are significantly more likely to graduate high school. Every child should have that chance: to learn to read and learn to navigate the world.

For every copy of Don Prophet sold, its publisher will donate $1 to early literacy programs.
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