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Death At The Spring Plant Sale

Death At The Spring Plant Sale [PDF]

Up front, I must say that I chose to read this book on the basis of it's title and cover as part of a spring reading challenge I am doing. Consequently it was quite different to the usual hard-hitting thrillers and crime fiction that I would normally choose to read.

Set in upper class America, the main protagonist is TV journalist Louise Eldridge. Following her filming of a segment for a friend's gardening club, the president of the club Catherine Freeman is shot and murdered in her car as she arrives home from a function with her husband. Catherine's husband is America's top economist, and it is unknown whether she or he was the intended target. With a plethora of suspects with good motives, and with a history of successful amateur snooping in her hometown, Louise can't help herself but to investigate the crime.

Louise focuses her investigations on the garden club and bumbles around town with her old friend Ellen creating enemies and allies alike, before eventually having the case literally solved before her eyes.

Having a preference for gritty, hard-boiled crime fiction this book was never going to be my cup of tea. To be honest I found the plot basic and somewhat juvenile. The investigative skills were somewhere between The Famous Five (with lashings of snobbery) and Murder She Wrote! A few times during the novel, the investigators were labeled 'Miss Marples', but I think this was doing Miss Marples a disservice. I also had the ending pegged well before I got there, which is always a little deflating. There are other books in the series, but I will be content to stop after this one.

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