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Myth and Legend

Myth and Legend [PDF]


1. I lived in Dallas, Texas for 23 years then I moved to Mississippi with my husband and daughter so we could escape the wicked city life.And because we assumed the cost of living would be cheaper (we did the research).Just so you know, it all even out in the end when you own a home.

2. I don’t like cake. I detest cookies other than the homemade, just out of the oven, peanut butter kind. Brownies are wickedly awesome because they are most definitely not from heaven if they taste that good and affect you that bad.Our stove was out for six months once and that meant no brownies.Chili’s Brownie Sundae was my only solace.

3. The first story I ever wrote was in second grade and consisted of a haunted house, a ghost that yells the ever loved "BOO", and my best friends yelling and screaming all the way home.

4. My favorite word is "wicked." You can use it for so many reasons, in so many ways.

5. In my earlier years of junior college, I spent more time at Ihop and the bowling alley than studying.My best friend Christin and I once had the bright idea to take a 7:00 a.m. aerobics class at nineteen years of age.It was a grand idea until I worked a double shift at Bennigans, where I waited tables to make rent, and didn’t get off till 3:00 a.m. A few more of those and I was toast.That’s the only semester I neglected to drop the course.Just so you know young ones, it stays on your transcripts.

Intermediate Aerobics 1 credit Grade“F”

6. I am bad about taking a person (anywhere, anytime) and making up their entire life story in my head.By the time I drive away, walk away, stare too long, I’ve got a dramatized version of which side of the food chain they live on and what supernatural being they’ve evolved into.

7. The three things I could describe myself as are sensitive (too sensitive), shy, and a serious day-dreamer.

8. I wrote my first story (when I decided writing was awesome and started collecting my stories for my novel one day) in second grade in Mrs. Winner’s class.My three best friends and I walked around on Halloween somehow ending up at a haunted house where we all ran out screaming before any substantial hauntings could begin.

9. In high school, my best friend Pam and I once wandered off into an area the local kids labeled the Satan worshiper’s woods.We ventured to a darker area, in the car, where we spotted what we imaginatively considered to be a body laid out in a blanket. After convincing two of our guy friends to come back with us the next night, (since teenage boys who proclaim they can take down all bad guys can save us) we found out it was someone’s discarded old carpet rolled up on the side of the woods.Still, in our heads the entire story went all the way back to the sacrificial claim to the Aztec gods and what chants and songs they said around the fire they built.

10. I married in 2001 in a castle in downtown Dallas called The Red Courthouse.To me it’s a castle and I was Cinderella without the shoe loss.My grandmother, who is still alive, married in that same castle in 1944 to my grandfather after making a mad dash from Fort Hood to the downtown courthouse wedding of their dreams.We both had our dreams come true.They say reality isn’t like the fairy tale, but I say that we chose to make the fairy tale how we like, just tailored to a more modern size.My fairy tales come true daily with our without a book to seize it from originally.(Gasp!Living without books—not a story I want to imagine.)

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