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Show Off [PDF]

How many cool things can YOU do? The answer will amaze you — and the secrets are all in this witty and nearly wordless book.

Are you the crafty type? Try drawing some manga or customizing your sneakers. Got a soft spot for science? Dazzle your friends with the old exploding volcano trick, then slyly ease an egg into a bottle. Or you can really get cooking by slipping fortunes into a batch of cookies and folding them like a pro. From taking funny fake photos to breeding butterflies, from running a ninja obstacle course to reading minds to, yes, whipping up some edible fake barf, here is the source for learning how to do absolutely everything. With minimal text and maximal humor, these simple illustrated instructions will have kids psyched to:
— Investigate (science projects anyone can do)
— Create (arts, crafts, and personal style)
— Explore (adventures in the great outdoors)
— Cook (recipes for tasty — and terrifying — treats)
— Move (sports, games, and playground acrobatics)
— Amaze (tricks, pranks, and awesome acts).
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