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Let Me Count the Ways

Let Me Count the Ways [PDF]

Contrary to most people's intuition, intercourse is the source of many of our sexual problems. In Let Me Count the Ways, Marty Klein and Riki Robbins explore how false concepts like "impotence" and "frigidity" which continue to be perpetuated by an intercourse-based sexuality that is no more natural than it is satisfying. They shatter the equation of sex with intercourse and introduce new thinking and practices into couples' sex lives — ideas that can make sex dramatically less anxiety provoking and more varied, fun, and carefree.Readers will learn how changing their attitude about what constitutes "normal" sex can positively affect the body's functioning and increase sexual satisfaction. Klein and Robbins provide a wealth of ideas and exercises — such as embarking with your partner on an "intercourse sabbatical" — that will actually ease couples' minds as it diversifies their sexual practices.

Let Me Count the Ways helps men and women discover the liberating pleasures of "outercourse, " an alternate erotic vision, in which almost anything can be sensuous and the world itself is a sex toy. The book's "outercourse" program enables readers to develop new ways of viewing their own sexuality that will last a lifetime.
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