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A Rumor about the Jews

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In this book, Bronner (political science and comparative literature, Rutgers Univ.), who won the Michael A. Harrington Prize for Moments of Decision: Political History and the Crises of Radicalism, places The Protocols of the Elders of Zion within a broader framework, arguing effectively that acceptance of the notorious forgery had as much to do with reactions against liberalism and democracy as it did with anti-Semitism. According to the author, the popularity of the Protocols stemmed from political anti-Semitism, linking Jews to the evils of the Enlightenment (from the viewpoint of the reactionaries), rather than the usual religious and social reasons for anti-Semitism. Although it does not replace Norman Cohn's Warrant for Genocide (Serif, 1998), which remains the standard English-language source on the early history of the Protocols, this book makes an original and valuable contribution to the literature.
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