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The Way I Was Made

The Way I Was Made [PDF]

Dance like there’s no one watching

The Bible clearly shows that we have been uniquely created for a purposeful life, but it’s not meant to be about us, or our career, or our fame. It’s all about God, and His glory. That’s the purpose of Chris Tomlin’s first book—to get you to think of yourself as one of God’s fame builders. You and I are formed from the dust of His creation and given breath for this reason: to spread His renown to everyone we meet by what we say and do.

It’s the way we were made.

The writer of many of today’s most cherished youth-oriented worship songs guides readers in a personal and deeper discovery of living for God’s glory.

Made for More

You were made for more than this world sells. All that this world has to offer is temporary. It leaves us still hungry, wanting more, because we were made for something greater. We were created to shine the spotlight on God—to spread His fame everywhere we go.

I want to encourage you along your journey. I want to help you discover more about what God has uniquely made you to do and enjoy. And I’ve got a story or two that I hope will throw some light on the road you’re traveling…

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—Chris Tomlin

Story Behind the Book

“If I’ve learned one thing that’s true, it’s this: You will never worship what you don’t consider bigger than yourself. This famous God created us to worship Him. Our greatest purpose as people is to make much of God, to give our very lives in worship to Him. Far greater than anyone in Hollywood, God’s name is ‘up in lights,’ the lights of the universe. His glory is seen wherever we fix our gaze. We are His people, formed from His dirt, given His breath to glorify Him. Our every step is to make Him famous in this life—and in the one to come.”
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